Mommy Ponderings

5 Ways to Survive Going Back to Work after a Baby

I’m going to be honest.  I DO NOT want to go back to work.  My heart’s desire has only ever been to be a stay-at-home mom.  I am a teacher, and frankly teaching just isn’t what people think it is.  You are more consumed with paperwork, meetings, and emails than getting to genuinely enjoy planning lessons or your students.  But my point here is I have no choice.  It just isn’t in the budget for me not to work (despite the million Pinterest posts I read about making it work).  So here I sit on the eve of leaving my sweet babe with practically a stranger, and the tears wont stop.  I’ve made a list of ways that help calm my heart.  I hope they can help you!

  1. Jesus. A Whole Lotta’ Jesus.
    • I know not everyone is a believer, but for those who are, refocus your heart.  Drown yourself in prayer and holdfast in the truth that every situation, no matter how hard, has the potential to give glory to the Lord and bring you joy.
    • God has you there for a reason, even if you can’t see what it is.  I know you’re thinking “how can God think that someone else watching my baby is the best plan” because I’m sitting here thinking the same thing.  But if I’ve learned anything from church recently, its that feelings are deceiving and we have to hold onto what is true.  The truth here is that while this is a difficult season, God will not leave me and there is joy to be found if I focus on what I have, not what I want.
    • It is ok to cry and feel the weight of this situation, but do not let it consume you.
    • Proverbs 28: 26 (ESV) Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.
  2. Be intentional with the time you do have with your baby.
    • It is so easy to get caught up looking at social media, or posting about your baby that your forget about the actual baby.  I do this all the time.  Several times I’ve posted an adorable picture and got so caught up looking at the comments that I forgot my actual baby was sitting on my lap looking up at me.
    • Drink in your baby while you have her/him.  Savor every moment and store those moments in your heart.
  3. Write down your new routine.
    • A huge goal of mine since I’ve had Evie was to get my life in order (no easy feat with a newborn).  I’m much more of a sporadic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants girl.  Just call me Mrs. Wing-It.  However, I’ve learned there is a lot of wasted time in chaos, and now I find my time more precious.  Writing down (not just mentally noting it) my morning routine has given me a playbook as to how my mornings will operate on school days, and how I can make the most of the limited time I will have with her before I go to work.
    • Seriously, the cardinal rule for getting your act together in general: WRITE IT DOWN.
  4. Get everything ready for the next day the night before.
    • This frees up time the next morning to enjoy your little one before you leave.
    • If you get all the stuff together after they go to bed, you have lost no time with them!
  5. Talk with other Mamas.
    • Make sure you find some great Mama friends who also work.  Ask them about their return.  Take refuge in the fact that you are not alone and there are others going through the same thing.