Be a Beauty Beast

Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

I don’t often wear my hair curly anymore because it drives me crazy, but when I do, I often get people asking me how I get it to look so great! Here are some tips and tricks to get your curls looking flawless.

  1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Everyday
  • The more you wash your hair, the more you are stripping your hair of natural oils and that will make your curls frizzy!
  • To freshin’ up second-day curls, use a squirt bottle of water to mist your hair all over. Do not constantly touch or scrunch your hair.

      2. Conditioner!

  • So many curly-heads shy away from using conditioner because they fear they will weigh their curls down, but conditioner is a must!!

      3. Rinse Hair Upside-Down With Cold Water

  • After you have washed and conditioned, the best curls are always achieved by flipping your hair over and rinsing your head in the coldest water you can manage.
  • Cold water seals the hair shaft and smooths it out.

      4. Add Mouse and Leave-In Conditioner When Hair is still Dripping Wet

  • With your head still flipped over, squirt mouse into your hand and carefully comb it through your strands.
  • This is when you want to “scrunch” your hair carefully.

      5. Pat Dry With a Cotton T-Shirt

  • Continue to “scrunch” your hair with a cotton t-shirt to remove excess moisture.

      6. Flip and Part

  • Flip your head over (At this point you probably have a crick in your neck), and part your hair how you like it.

      7. Hands Off!

  • Do not touch your hair anymore!  The more your touch, the frizzier it will get!
  • If you cannot let it air dry, use a diffuser to dry your hair.
  • Scrunch the hair upward with your diffuser as you dry in sections on the “low” setting.

Viola! Once you have mastered all these steps you should see your fuzzy head turn into goddess-like curls in no time!(Please don’t judge me, this picture is from college, but my curls look flawless!)