Mommy Ponderings

5 Must-Haves for a Newborn Baby

When I was pregnant I spent A LOT of time browsing baby products and quickly got overwhelmed.  I really did not want to buy a million things (or be gifted a million things) I did not really need because frankly, my house isn’t big enough to have excessive junk.  So one of the best ways to learn what you really need is by trial and error.  So after numerous trips to Buy Buy Baby and returns to Amazon, I’ve found several things that help us to get by on the day-to-day more peacefully.

  1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with Smart Connect:
    • This bad boy was sent straight from the good Lord himself.  When you plug it in, the Rock’ n Play, has two speeds for rocking, several different sounds/music selection, and a vibration setting.
    • Ok, so it doesn’t have to be the fancy “smart connect”, but I won’t lie, it was helpful to be able to program from your smart phone, so you don’t have to get up and constantly restart it.  I love the Rock’nPlay so much.  It is compact, great for travel, and fits beside my bed so much better than a Pack’n Play.  Added bonus, if your baby suffers from reflux, the inclined seat helps to reduce it!  Luckily, we didn’t have a reflux issues, but I’ve heard several mamas talk about how it has helped their babies.
  2. Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover:
    • This cover is great because you can use it as a carseat cover, or as a nursing cover!  I’m all about products working double-duty.  You may think that a carseat cover is a luxury, but you will think again when blazing sun rays, or a cold blast of winter air hits your baby in the face!  The shade on my carseat does not come all the way down, so when the sunlight comes streaming in through my back window, its nice to know I’m not slowly burning Evie’s retina’s out.
    • This also works great as a nursing cover because you put your head through it and don’t have to worry about exposing your whole backside if you have to pull your shirt up to nurse.  This sucker covers the back and the front.  My only compliant is that in order to see when you’re latching your baby, you have to pull it over your head.  #messyhairdontcare
  3. The Boppy Pillow:
    • This is an oldie, but a goodie because when it’s great, it’s great.  This dang pillow is so helpful for so many stages of infancy, and just various other things (I’ve currently got my laptop propped up nicely on it).  Whether you’re nursing, or don’t like seeing your baby face-planted in a blanket during tummy-time, this pillow is great.
  4. The Nosefrida:
    • I know everyone swears by the bulb they give you at the hospital, but that thing is dark and mysterious, and you have no clue what is actually growing in there.  For snot-sucking purposes, grab you a Nosefrida.  I know some people freak out about the idea of using their mouth to suck out their baby’s snot, but the likelihood that you actually suck snot into your mouth is very low.  It a super gross way, I love seeing how much snot I’ve sucked out of Evie’s nose.  It is strangely satisfying.  The tube on this contraption seals nicely around their nostril, so it ensures nice suction.
  5. The Halo Swaddle Blanket:
    • I stumbled across this one because our hospital gave us one to go home with.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about velcro because I thought it would make a loud noise and wake the baby up, but it really isn’t a problem.  I like this swaddle because it gives them plenty of room, and can be used as just a blanket sack if your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled.  Evie loves to be swaddled, so it is fully functioning in our house.

I know this seems like a crazy short list, well, because it is.  I don’t have a lot of excess around my house and besides the normal onesies, pacifiers, and blankets, I’ve found our baby doesn’t need a ton of stuff.  So if you’re looking for a few extras besides the basics, here ya go!